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This background image is a picture of our rosca de reyes.

Rosca De Reyes

Rosca De Tacos 

Celebrate el Dia De Reyes with our Rosca De Tacos. We are taking phone orders now for pickup on Wednesday January 6th. The Taco De Rosca is a special 20 taco tray that we are making. Please allow 1 hour time for us to get your order ready. You can choose any of our meat options (extra cost for lengua, beef tongue). You can also mix and match any combination of our meat options. You can mix 10 carne asada tacos and 10 adobada tacos or any mix you choose. There is also a special prize in one of the tacos so you can continue with the tradition of Dia De Reyes. All orders must be prepaid over the phone. Cost is $60. Call us to place your order (858) 592-2600.

This is an image of our rosca de reyes taco tray.
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